Notice that my computer is saying that the wireless LAN is turned off, can anyone tell me what that means, My email is working okay, so just wondering what to do about it?

geek_josie12, Jun 2, 3:56 pm

Are you connected by cable to the router/ modem or network switch?

geek_mrfxit, Jun 2, 3:59 pm

LAN is Local Area Network and is usually how your computer connects to other devices either via a cable ( wired lan ) or wifi ( wireless lan )

geek_exwesty, Jun 2, 4:12 pm

Is this a desktop computer or laptop type device?
I would have to presume your "computer" has a wireless card fitted but you are connected by ethernet/ network cable.
If yes, then ignore the message.
Win XP/7 /8/ 8.1?

geek_mrfxit, Sep 26, 8:57 am

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