Need a graphics card for 2009 iMac

teine2, Oct 11, 1:37am
Hi , im in need of a new graphics card, anyone know of a reliable, affordable source.

suicidemonkey, Oct 11, 1:48am
You're lucky, the 09 iMacs actually have a removable graphics card. Getting into the iMac is the hard part, they're not made to be serviced.

Have a look on Ebay, I found quite a few by searching "iMac 2009 graphics card". Just make sure you know exactly what model you have. The 24"/27" will probably use different cards.

You're looking at $250-300 shipped, plus installation (which will be another couple of hundred I'd imagine).

schizoid, Oct 11, 2:37am
I've seen someone trying to sell a mac capable AMD HD 5770 for around $300 here on trademe. Considering a regular 5770 is probably worth about $50 max, that means you're paying 600% more for a different bios.

This would tie in well to the thread about whether Macs are worth it for gaming.

suicidemonkey, Oct 11, 2:44am
Yeah pretty much. You're always going to pay a massive mark up for Mac parts. The logic board for certain MacBooks will set you back $600+.

It's like "Mac compatible" hard drives that cost more than regular drives yet the only difference is the formatting.

vtecintegra, Oct 11, 3:20am
That iMac is old enough that I'd consider replacing it anyway - it's probably a Core2 Duo

schizoid, Oct 11, 9:15am
well, considering the current cheapest listing for a compatible graphics card is $200 for a GT 120, the lowest end card you can get, I'd agree. $200 to basically keep this thing on life support is not money well spent.

lugee, Sep 12, 3:14pm
Might not even be upgradeable at all. There was a large number of iMacs in that year, and it even depends on what time of year (early or late). I've worked on a 20" early 2009 iMac which had integrated graphics, not possible to upgrade or replace.

You might be SOL. Probably best to just get a new one if you are having issues.

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