Laptop question

pinky6, Feb 28, 2:02am
my daughters laptop is in for repair so I am lending her mine she lives 10 minutes from me do I have to put in something into my laptop for her to take it and use while hers is away.(rang spark over 1hour wait just to ask ths question)

fifie, Feb 28, 2:28am
Kids bring their lappy's/tablets to my house and use my password to access internet

schizoid, Feb 28, 2:35am
I dont know what you mean by "something", so I guess the answer is no.

pinky6, Feb 28, 2:44am
so she can take my laptop to her house and put her password in (not mine)and it should work ,it doesnt have to be programmed to be used at her house? -

schizoid, Feb 28, 3:10am
wireless password? yes.

sqidlie, Jun 27, 3:22pm

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