Ripping music from iTunes to PC

datoofairy, May 25, 8:06am
Can anyone please recommend a free program to take music from an iPhone and save it to a PC.
In the past I have successfully used Senuti but I now cant find a version for Windows, only Mac.
I have tried a few trial versions of similar programs but they either didnt work or would only transfer 20 songs, before wanting you to buy the full version.
My sister has a new Samsung and is wanting to get all the music she has paid for off her old iPhone.

gettinggrey, May 25, 8:26am
Copytransmanager will do it.

I've used it for years. Way ahead of iTunes for the way it works. very intuitive.
Scroll down the page to the Copytransmanager Free download (it's in the left column).

datoofairy, Oct 19, 10:23am
Thanks very much, will try that one.

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