lalbagh, Apr 3, 7:13am
Wife goes on to a motel booking site and looks at motels in a certain area. No booking made.
Then she goes to Facebook and logs on, and an ad for one of the motels appears on her wall.
Hours later I go on to the MetVUW site and all the popup ads are for motels in the same area, the same ones she was looking at.
I thought each site was independent of the other but there seems to be some kind of mastermindware taking control here.
Have I got a virus or something, or is this some kind of malicious adware?

brycer, Apr 3, 7:16am
nope. just google tracking what you do and visit and throwing up relevant ads as always.

mazdasix, Apr 3, 7:33am
Google saves what you search and then shows you relevant ads.

Although if it's actually posted to her wall, then there's something dodgy. But nothing can post to your wall unless you give it permission.

If it's just an ad to the side of the page, it's just an ad.

camper18, Apr 3, 7:54am
Had the same problem after looking up hire campers for Perth and motels. Been inundated ever since with ads from everyone.

lalbagh, Apr 3, 8:13am
Thanks guys, that explains it

mrfxit, Apr 3, 9:23pm
Those sites are probably being tracked by Google adwords & the Facebook /Twitter buttons on the bottom of the face.

I run a tracker blocker called 'Ghostery' on all my browsers.
You can choose what you want to block or not & it's really simple to use

king1, Apr 3, 9:30pm
an adblocker of some description might be useful
adblock plus
adblock edge

mrfxit, Apr 3, 9:43pm
Do you personally run any of those?

sykotik_ninja, Apr 4, 9:51am
Ghostery and Ad-block plus.


king1, Apr 4, 11:00am
adblock and
adblock plus - just thought it might be useful for OP

mr-word, Apr 7, 4:30am
Remove cookies and browse in private mode.

oclaf, Apr 7, 10:39pm
But if not using Ghostery, at least use the "do not track" flag that is available now in most browsers. Most of the more scrupulous ad agencies and trackers will respect it.

kwm30, Apr 7, 10:51pm
Ghostery,Ad-block plus and noscript=safer www

katje, Feb 5, 3:20pm
I just discovered Ghostery. Love it. But you have to block the tracking sites yourself by clicking ont he blue ghost symbol all the time

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