4K video player

cameragod, Feb 10, 12:02am
I've got some Blackmagic 4K .mov files that I want to view on my home PC, any suggestions for a smooth low resource player?

suicidemonkey, Feb 10, 12:05am
I play the 4K .mov files from my GH4 in Media Player Classic with good results (not to be confused with Windows Media Player).


cameragod, Feb 10, 12:19am
Thanks. Do I need K-light with it?

spyware, Feb 10, 7:23am
Takes the same CPU resource to decode irrespective of player.

mrfxit, Aug 28, 5:02pm
No but it is a good codec pack to have
Always had good results from Media Player Classic (Comes with & part of K-Lite Mega Pack)

Some ppl prefer & get better results from VLC

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