Old cellphone chargers and similar

I have a couple of file boxes of these things. It seems a shame to trash them even though they are not much use. Not even sure if listing them is worth it.

Does anyone know of anyone who has a use for such things?

I am in Auckland, incidentally.

geek_footplate1, Feb 4, 11:44 pm

Seems they have no use at all. This is from the Starship hospital cellphone appeal Q & A's
Do you accept chargers and accessories?

Yes we accept all chargers and accessories, although they have no re sale value, we dispose of them in line with environmental best practice.

geek_asmawa1, Feb 5, 12:07 am

Thanks. We sent them our old cell phones but didn't think they wanted chargers.

I posted the note as I have been surprised in the past over what some people like to do with spare parts. Have looked at the Auckland council site, of course.

geek_footplate1, Feb 5, 12:52 am

Should simply add them to my collection ;-)

geek_mrfxit, Feb 5, 7:53 am

I have a massive ever growing box of old electrics/electronics, circuit boards, joysticks, chargers, cables, components etc., not to mention a mountain of old software and manuals. It all has to go sooner or later. mrfxit took the last pile!

geek_socram, Feb 5, 8:13 am

keep one or two of every thing and bin the rest to the local recycle /or local junk man.having said that, i have three of every thing, saved my butt a few times !

geek_kevlight, Feb 5, 10:10 am

When are you at the track next? (I have a van now ;-)

geek_mrfxit, Feb 5, 6:54 pm

geek_funho1, Feb 5, 7:41 pm

You need a truck

geek_jancemord, Feb 5, 7:44 pm

The last truck was too small, the van is bigger ;-)

geek_mrfxit, Feb 5, 8:01 pm

haha funny ,ive got boxes and boxes of old chargers that WILL be useful some day ;)

geek_velenski, Feb 5, 8:25 pm

E Waste drop off at the stadium on Great South Rd, Manukau City this Saturday 7th Feb.

geek_exwesty, Feb 5, 8:51 pm

Tried to dump an old PC the other day. The tip people wanted $25 and I had to dump it separately to to rest of the trailer load which cost another $40. Took the PC home and devised plan B. You would not want to take a load of old electronics to a tip.

geek_mojo49, Feb 5, 9:01 pm

Oh good! I'll be guaranteed to be there March 21/22nd if not before. Will post on here if down before.

geek_socram, Sep 6, 9:26 am