Tablet lifespan - reasonable expectation?

tc47, Apr 18, 11:59pm
How long would you expect a tablet to last for? My Galaxy Note 8 has crapped itself, i purchased in December 2013.

tc47, Apr 19, 12:00am
Issue began as screen flickering, but now won't turn on at all.

vtecintegra, Apr 19, 12:01am
I'd expect at least two years from a model in that price range.

It does depend on what exactly is wrong with it though

wayne416, Apr 19, 12:29am
Also depends on how its been treated like any mobile device.

suicidemonkey, Apr 19, 12:59am
Samsung has a 2 year warranty. Call their help desk, they're quite helpful. 0800 Samsung

tc47, Apr 19, 2:06am
Thanks, that's really helpful.

velenski, Apr 19, 6:45am
ive got a tab 2 that is 4 years old ,and still going strong ,the samsung tab models are very good for the price.

rudahome, Apr 19, 9:25am
ICT hardware has a depreciation of 3 years. So I would expect it to work without problems for that time at least.

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