Expensive new laptop, fan really loud

beserkerang, Feb 10, 10:13am
Download this http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html and monitor your cpu and gpu temps. i7 runs hot, and so will that mobile gpu therefore the fans will kick in more. I would recommend getting a laptop cooling pad with a few fans or a big one under it, Cooler Master make some good ones.

suicidemonkey, Feb 10, 10:21am
You bought a laptop with an i7 CPU and dedicated graphics card. Those things will get hot and make the fans spin up. It's the downside of buying a performance laptop.

vtecintegra, Feb 10, 7:25pm
It's poor cooling system design - that CPU is standard across larger mid/high end models and that GPU is hardly extreme (power consumption is only a little bit more than an 840m) so a decent setup should have absolutely no problem cooling it relatively quietly.

gibler, Feb 10, 7:58pm
Sometimes Toshiba has BIOS updates that to control fan speed better.
But some models do just have loud fans.

black-heart, Feb 10, 9:05pm
it's probably faulty, and should be returned.

_drdee_, Feb 10, 9:16pm
I Googled reviews for that model and the two I read both mentioned fan noise.

"The powerful hardware the Satellite houses requires cooling. Thus, the fan is quite noisy under load. We measured a sound pressure level of 45.6 dB (standard load; 3DMark06 running) and 46.3 dB (stress test, Prime95 and Furmark running)"

black-heart, Feb 10, 9:31pm
unfit for purpose then, return it.

wayne416, Feb 10, 9:47pm
Note if this is yours CHECK first, Bios update. Follow instructions to the letter if doing it. http://www.mytoshiba.com.au/support/computers/satellite/s70/psppqa-00e003/download

dvince, Feb 11, 1:08am
Wear noise cancelling headphones. Problem solved.

wayne416, Feb 11, 2:23am
Bios controls a lot of things including fan. I have a Toshiba i7 and like yours the fan was all or nothing, i updated the bios and now has the fan working at many speeds depending on load. Still can get quite loud but mostly just spins enough to keep cool rather than letting temps climb and running flat out to cool then switching off again. BEFORE updating check what bios version its running as may be same as listed on that site. Follow instructions TO THE LETTER.

wayne416, Feb 11, 2:42am
Thats probably because people demand more power in smaller lighter packages rather like cars today with smaller air intakes, electric fans, big power outputs, cooling these is a lot harder than it was a few years ago.

wayne416, Feb 11, 3:00am
That should be it, just restart and see if it made a difference.

wayne416, Aug 25, 9:59pm
Thats good, bookmark that page as there are bound to be other updates to other software that wont show with the computer update service Toshiba installed.

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