Need a printer to run on old computer-windows 98

paulsouth, Aug 11, 8:38am
Hi, We have specialized licensed accounting software running on our old Windows 98 based PC. Recently our printer just went dead and we are having problem finding a new printer that works with Windows 98.
Does anyone know if there is still a Windows 98 compatible printer on sale out there?
Or more preferably can anyone direct us to an old 2nd hand one for sale?

mrfxit, Aug 11, 8:44am
Do you have a list of brands/models that may work.
I have access to a few older printers

paulsouth, Aug 11, 9:01am
No I don't, but hopefully someone may suggest something.
However our one that just broke was a 'Brother HL2040'.

d.snell, Aug 11, 9:33am
get one of these auction 929187454

r.g.nixon, Aug 11, 9:39am

sqidlie, Aug 11, 10:24am
From HP
Re: What printers are compatible with Windows 98
02-01-2009 02:06 PM
Wow, that's a tough question to answer. Does his Windows 98 machine have USB ports? As USB was just coming into being during the Windows 98 years it is likely he does not have the ports, and if he did it would be USB 1. So you will have to look for a printer with either parallel or serial interface for him. Then the challenge is to find drivers for the Windows 98 system. Your best bet might be to check the auction sites for older printers being sold. Or maybe get lucky and find someone upgrading to a system that no longer supports their printer

suicidemonkey, Aug 11, 10:46am
I would be more inclined to find a solution that means you don't have to a run an out-dated and insecure OS.

Running Windows 7 + 98 over a VM would be a much better idea.

hapukanz, Aug 11, 11:20am
What about printing wirelessly?

hapukanz, Aug 11, 11:20am
or on the network wired?

gyrogearloose, Aug 11, 7:34pm
If you're paying a license then just ask the vendor for the upgrade to the latest release. That's what the license fee is for - to fund the vendors ongoing support and development of the software.

macman26, Aug 11, 8:31pm
Find an old HP LaserJet 4 or similar. They last forever. Just need a service kit now and then.

mrfxit, Aug 11, 9:53pm
Pretty much any parallel port printer should be ok on 98 which would include all the main stream brands.
I think USB would be a bit much to expect.
Around that era usb 1 was pretty dodgy for universal drivers

r.g.nixon, Aug 11, 10:49pm
98SE2 was slightly better for USB.

tillsbury, Aug 11, 11:25pm
Definitely run this in a VM. I run an old accounting program that was designed for 98 but runs fine under XP. I run an XP window in parallels or VirtualBox under OSX (but used to under Windows 7 too) which allows me to print to wireless printers of any age. You can lock down the XP installation to have next to no access to the internet.

cammey, Aug 12, 12:25am
Install a .pdf virtual printer as a temporary work around. Print to a local shared directory. Then use pdf software on another machine to print to any network printer.

d.snell, Aug 12, 1:47am
And if the program uses a security dongle in the parallel port, how is that going to run on a vpn etc. Al
I gave the op an auction number for a Brand new Lexmark laser printer that has a centronics port for $175.
Why, oh why, do so called IT Experts? need to complicate the issue with VPN's, VM's and the likes? Trying to impress their own ego's, I suspect.
KISS . Keep It Simple Stupid.

csador, Aug 12, 2:47am
there is a brother 2040 like yours on trademe at the moment.

i actually have a 2040 gathering dust in a cupboard but I'm in auckland so its not of much use to you :(

pyro_sniper2002, Aug 12, 4:38am
No one mentioned VPN? Usually a VM hypervisor can map to external USB/Parallel/Serial ports so that isn't an issue. Converting it to a VM is a good solution to get rid of old power hungry unreliable not easy to find parts for hardware, and that's probably what they have if running a 98 box.

A lot of modern laser printers are compatible with the HP Laserjet 4/5/6 driver via network printing, that would be the solution I would be trying for if you really can't get rid of the 98 box.

d.snell, Aug 12, 5:30am
Why would you need to replace the 98Box? That's not the issue. It's the printer that needs addressing. Also, a lot of older Accounting programs didn't use the Windows Printer drivers, they had their own printer support built in and usually these were only com or Lpt ports, not many with network support.
The box, as you call it, will be as cheap as chips and extremely easy to replace with something more modern when or even if, it breaks down, so again KISS.

black-heart, Aug 12, 6:43am
Someone is still a total idiot for getting themselves in this situation, thinking that ancient computer will just keep running. Right now its the printer, tomorrow who knows. Thats why any self respecting IT person would recommend moving away from the whole mess rather than just trying to fix the broken bit.

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 25, 1:53pm
I've already offered advice on the issue. An LTP port can be emulated to a network printer.
It's not a bad thing that people here are addressing the other issue of what is probably running on extremely old hardware and software. Good luck getting Win98 running on new hardware, even more good luck to you if there is a hard drive failure. A she'll be right mate worry about it when it breaks attitude is not one to take with business critical applications. Personally I'd rather a robust solution over a simple one (not that it would be a complex one anyway).

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