Testing server performance

Does anyone know of a freeware app that will test server/network performance over time and display or log the results for longer term comparison? Preferably one that doesn't need installing, ie a straight .exe that will run.

Seems everything I have played with either won't store the results, is a trial for only a few days and requires a CC to even download or is just plain clunky to the point of being unuseable.

Any yes, I can hear people saying "don't be a scrooge" but the truth is that I am one of those!

geek_moltenfire, Apr 28, 4:49 pm

a simple executable at each end for testing network speed.

geek_black-heart, Apr 28, 4:59 pm

Thanks. Got it. does the job fine except doesn't log for comparison. Might even buy the next version up that does this. !

geek_moltenfire, Jan 7, 10:57 am

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