Computer turns on then goes off 2 mins after

zak1998, May 17, 7:45am
Well hope you can help me out please. Got a computer tower about two months ago has worked great till today. Now when I turn it on nothing on the screen fans kick tower lights up then 2 minutes later turns itself off does it every time what would this be?

zak1998, May 17, 7:45am
Tower is a mighty ape little monkey if that info helps

king1, May 17, 8:07am
overheating, power supply, could be any thing
Try safemode see if it still does it

gettinggrey, May 17, 10:01am
Very similar problem during Summer (hot days) with the grandies old computer.
Was the heat paste under the CPU fan had dried out and cracked.
CPU was overheating and shutting itself down.
Wouldn't even get to the stage where the screen would light up, so very much same as yours.
Drop CPU fan off and clean out the heatsink of all the fluff and dust, then check heat transfer paste.
The fluff/dust clean (vacuum cleaner) may be all that's needed, so don't go too far if you don't know what you're doing.

king1, May 17, 10:18am
Vacuum cleaner is a no no for electronic components - too much static. Can of compressed air is ideal.

black-heart, Nov 12, 9:54am
it s 2 months old its not dust.

get hold of mighty ape its a hardware issue covered by warranty

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