Hooking laptop to tv without a usb

farawaytoo, Jul 2, 4:02am
My tv isn't that old but has no usb port. What kind of cabling do I need to connect my laptop to it, or is it impossible ? If there is some sort of cable available do they sell them on Trade Me ?

jon9, Jul 2, 4:06am

ians2, Jul 2, 4:09am
I don't know.
Would possibly be helpfull if we knew what the laptop was.

suicidemonkey, Jul 2, 4:10am
It depends on what outputs the laptop has and what inputs the TV has.

USB isn't used to connect computers to TVs anyway. VGA, DVI or HDMI are what you need.

farawaytoo, Jul 2, 4:47am
The TV is HDMI , the laptop is HP Envy, it has a HDMI port.

csador, Jun 30, 11:30pm
well then you need a HDMI cable, they sell them on trademe and most electronics stores

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