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asmawa1, Mar 24, 4:15am
Have a home and office wifi setup and have just acquired a NON wireless capable printer. Have it USB connected to a Win8 desktop. Trying to also gain remote print function from a Win7 pc in another room, via the Win8 but something is not happening - can see the printer in idle mode, but can't successfully print.
The only thing I can think of is 'Does the Win7 machine need the Win8 printer driver installed'?
Thanks for any suggestions.

r.g.nixon, Mar 24, 4:26am
I believe there are a couple of ways of doing it. One way retrieves the required driver files from the other computer automatically. It may be easier just to install the Win7 printer driver locally, but then change the printer port from local to the remote network printer. I'm a bit hazy on the steps, maybe someone else will do a 10 second google search and post a link for you.

gsimpson, Mar 24, 4:31am
A simple print server would work?

asmawa1, Mar 24, 4:32am
Thanks, I tried google and it took me into homegroups which I dulyset up with password etc but found that even though I ticked 'share printers' they do not show in the updated homegroup menu, so I went back to network devices and got stuck in a hole somewhere.

king1, Mar 24, 4:59am
I usually do this way.

Download, install and setup with it plugged into USB initially to get the drivers in there.

Then go to the printer settings and use the add printer wizard to add a new 'network' printer and point it at the other PC (which has the printer plugged back into it)

spyware, Mar 24, 5:25am
Homegroup is just for idiots who don't understand the concept and setup of SMB shares.

cookee_nz, Mar 24, 9:53am
First thing to check is if the Workgroup name is the same on both PC's, this can make things harder if they are different. Right click Computer and compare. :-)

cookee_nz, Mar 24, 10:02am
most average users including many who come here seeking help would not understand "the concept and setup of SMB shares'' and nor would they need to. And many of them could take exception to being called "idiots". Not really one of your more helpful responses?

mrfxit, Mar 24, 8:55pm
If this is a "Usb only" printer then it must be physically connected to a host computer which is also acts as a print server.
A usb only printer won't share across a network via std networking systems OR stand alone print server box's

Been there done that & rang the OEM manufactures.
Apparently those printers don't have the extra firmware needed to handle sharing via networks but instead have to be connected too & shared from a host computer.

Networking between computers need to be on the same network name, (Workgroup/MShome etc etc) to make an easy connection.

Just adding to this ;-)

Connect & install the printer on the computer that it will REMAIN on long term.
Make sure all computers that are going to share this printer are in the same workgroup name

On the host computer, set the printer options for sharing.

Go to your other computer & in the printer setup, search for a network printer & it should show up
Install the printer driver & you should be fine after that.

The only catch is that any other computers on the network that want to do printing is that the host computer will have to be turned on to at least the logon stage, (doesn't need to be fully loaded in to Windows)

cookee_nz, Mar 25, 12:32am
I think you might be referring to "Windows Printers" rather than USB only. I have shared many USB printers and never had a problem. My own situation is an HP ColourLaser shared on the family PC upstairs. That PC is Wireless to the Router. My own PC is networked via IP over Power (wifi too weak and have not yet run the required Cat6 cable)

But I am aware that some cheap-arse printers touted as "Windows only" can be troublesome because they use the PC capability to process the pages. You might remember "Windows Modems" from way back, cheap dialup modems but all the intelligence was in the PC, the modem was totally dumb.

mrfxit, Mar 25, 2:42am
You just described what I was talking about.
Your USB only printer is attached to a PC thats connected wirelessly & other computers can access it via the 1st PC

How that 1st printer is connected to the network doesn't matter.

Try this, turn off the PC with the usb printer attached &* try printing from any other PC /device

asmawa1, Mar 25, 3:43am
Just to update. I followed advise re phsically installing printer on both machines before attempting networking.
I have the path to the printer (attached to the Win 8 pc) clearly locked in. Attempts to print from the Win 7 result in a 'driver not detected' error message reporting an 'inf file cannot be found. Google suggests that this is a Windows 8 V4 printer architecture disparity.
Although (to the best of my knowledge) I am not an idiot it seems to me at face value that for the purposes of sharing a printer in this daisy chain fashion win7 and win8 are incompatible. Is this correct ?

trade_menow, Apr 21, 9:04pm
could try googles cloud print works fine from android cell to a desktop printer dont see any reason why it couldnt work from a different desktop / laptop

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