Setting up a UPS question

gettinggrey, May 21, 3:26am
Just to protect my computer (Windows 8.1) from the odd power cut or two, I bought a Blazer II, 1200VA/600W Line interactive UPS.
It's for a home computer, and the computer is only on when I'm home.
I just want something that will give me a few minutes of power so that I can safely shut the computer down in the event of a power cut.
The UPS comes with WinPower software to monitor the UPS, etc.
Do I 'really' need to install the software?
Will it just work as a standby power supply on it's own without the software?
Just looking for something simple, without worrying about software constantly monitoring everything.
As I'm home when the computer is running I'm sure I can 'monitor' if there is a power cut.
Yes? No?

skin1235, May 21, 3:36am
the ups will have a default time after a power cut before it too shuts down, you need to be present when the powercut occurs - not in the kitchen making coffee etc - and hopefully bale to shut down all open programs in the short time allocated

if you install the software, the software will sense when the input current stops, shut down all programs and then shut down the computer - then turn off the ups

I'd install the software, cheap insurance for those times when you've just left the room - or sitting on the throne etc

gettinggrey, May 21, 3:51am
Thanks skin1235. The Blazer running just PC and monitor is said to be OK for 8 minutes which is plenty of time for me to do it manually (unless I'm reading a Hunting & Fishing mag on the can!).
I'm a bit wary of adding monitoring software that's just a drag on the system.
So, if I don't install the software the UPS should still do it's job as long as I'm there to shut the PC down manually in event of a power cut (did I get that right)?
Plus, I have to do it fairly quickly.

brycer, May 21, 4:03am
I would install the software. Remember Murphy's law always applies. you will be in the shower or outside talking to the neighbour when power next goes off. but ultimately your call.

zak410, May 21, 4:10am
I use mine, APC, without any software installed on my computer, (on Linux)

when a power cut happens it beeps, and keep the PC going for quite a while;
it's great, living rurally with many power surges, it beeps and kicks in sometimes just during a low surge even though the power is still on in the house.

intrade, May 21, 4:28am
i had a ups the battery died on it again after 2 years they supply power when there is a power cut and bleep and buzz to let you know its running on battery , it will run untill battery is depleted , most time power comes back on before batt is deplated , even cheap small ones run a normal 1 pc for 10 minutes. So you can shut it down your self befor the battery is depleted .

smallfry, Oct 30, 8:12am
I get 6 hours out of my UPS but only has the Modem and ATA connected to it

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