Trademe pass word?

brought a new hp computer , going great only problem is when I use trademe I have to enter my pass word ever time I use it , I press the rememberme button but it doesn't bloody remember me ? what can I do to save it [ I am only 1 using computer ] , thanks

geek_ahck, Jun 5, 9:56 pm

if it forgets you each time you close your browser, that usually means that the browser isn't saving history or cookies. What version of windows and what browser are you using?

geek_d.snell, Jun 5, 10:33 pm

Funny you should say that OP but my (not new) lappy started doing that today. Usually I don't have to put my email & password in at all but even moving within TM to bloody 'log in' thingy kept coming up.
It even did it when I was bidding on something tonight which was down to the last 2 mins ggrrr
Help us both please someone.

geek_leeran, Jun 5, 10:46 pm

Tools > Options > Security > Saved PW
Remove TradeMe.

geek_rz_zone, Sep 14, 10:31 pm

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