Help please

I'm with slingshot and Anyway,the other day my modem was having issues and I had to go in and change some settings. Can anyone please tell me how to get there again as I've forgotten and I was being talked through it by a slingshot rep. Many thanks If you can help me. All I remember is that I had to plug the laptop to the modem with a LAN cable.

geek_nessie26, Mar 23, 1:59 pm

How about some info like.

Brand of modem for starters. Most modems have an address like that you type into your MS explorer browser to access the router and the usual U/N and password is admin, admin.

geek_ceebee2, Mar 23, 2:05 pm

Then type in the modems IP address into the browser.
192. whatever it was.

geek_lythande1, Apr 27, 3:11 pm

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