Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - help please

tigger250, May 18, 8:36pm
I have a three week old tab. Took it off charge yesterday and it is frozen. Can't use pin to unlock it and when I checked it today it is stuck on Sunday's date and time. Any advice would be welcome - or do I take it back to where it was bought from?

wron, May 19, 3:57am
Ring the Samsung helpline - not in NZ but they have US accents! I found them really helpful!

wron, May 19, 3:59am
Forgot to say, when my Tab S was a couple of weeks old the same thing happened - shop (NL in Henderson) couldn't fix and they replaced on the spot with brand new unit and a smile!

tigger250, Nov 8, 8:19am
Thanks wron

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