Copy commercial video to DVD

I have some old videos from the 1980s that I would like to save to DVD for future grandchildren. Is there any clever way of getting around the password/code they have on them that doesn't allow you to copy? Thanks for any help.

geek_athena2, Mar 29, 11:07 am

geek_sqidlie, Mar 29, 12:46 pm

CSS was invented in 1996, so I doubt this will help copying video's from the 1980's.

Macrovision was introduced in 1985 to stop tape-to-tape copies. One of the common methods today for capturing video is to use a video-to-USB adapter such a Hauppauge, and these do not have trouble with Macrovision. There are other brands and I don't know whether or not they have trouble with Macrovision.

However, you may find that the videotape has deteriorated with time; and if these movies can be located at the library or rental shop on DVD then you will get much better picture quality.

geek_gyrogearloose, Mar 29, 7:10 pm


geek_hakatere1, Apr 11, 11:08 pm

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