UAC disabled?

I got a new laptop from work and the IT guy put all my photos from my old laptop onto the new one, however they are all there and you can view the little icons of the photos but when I click to look at them it says "THis app cannot be activated when UAC is disabled" any ideas?

geek_rungrung, Mar 7, 8:11 pm

UAC is user account control, at a guess he has set you up as a user - not administrator - and the files are in a folder ( or the files themselves) are restricted to admin access only
or the program used to view them is set up as administrator only

try going to control panel and clicking users, you maybe able to turn user account controls back on, or take it back to him and tell him to fix it so you can use your computer the way you want to - not the way he deems you should be allowed to use it

geek_skin1235, Mar 7, 8:18 pm

Because it's a work laptop a lot of the files we can only access at work, do you think h emay have set them up that way by accident? I'll have a try of what you said though.

geek_rungrung, Mar 7, 8:34 pm

Ask the IT guy.

You shouldn't usually have UAC swithced off, but some software actually requires it.

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 7, 9:28 pm

have a talk to the it guy, sounds like he has given insufficient permissions for the user to open the app to view the pics

geek_skin1235, Mar 7, 9:34 pm

What is probably happening is UAC is switched off and the picture viewer app they're trying to use is the metro/modem UI version that will only work if UAC is on.

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 7, 9:43 pm

quite possibly, but she is only the user not admin, the IT guy will have to either give her admin privs or turn it back on - which could then upset the worknet architecture at work - users are not allowed admin privs thats why UAC is off

geek_skin1235, Mar 7, 9:49 pm

I have always had mine off, never had an issue with not being able to use, view or edit/delete anything. go back to the IT person and get him to sort it.

geek_lythande1, Mar 8, 8:22 am

Assuming it's Windows 8, right-click on the photo, select Open With, Choose Default Program, then choose Windows Photo Viewer. This will work without being fussy about UAC.

geek_drsr, Mar 8, 8:34 am

Woohoo you're awesome! That worked! Thanks so much

geek_rungrung, Jun 9, 10:09 am

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