Samsung Tablet 10.1 keeps Frezzing

suicidemonkey, Mar 19, 11:15pm
6 weeks isn't a reasonable amount of time for a repair. I would be going back to them and asking for a repair to be carried out within 2 weeks, or your money back/a replacement.

You can call the citizens advice bureau for more info on this.

The CGA states:

"If the retailer refuses to fix the problem or takes more than a reasonable time to do so, you can:
- return the goods and ask for your money back, or
- ask for a replacement, if the same type of goods are reasonably available to the retailer, or
- take the goods elsewhere to be fixed and ask the retailer to pay the cost of repair."

suicidemonkey, Mar 19, 11:29pm
Remember the consumer guarantees act is on your side. Any questions, just call the citizens advice bureau. They'll likely agree that 6 weeks is too long.

_drdee_, Mar 20, 12:45am
Just remember a software issue is not a hardware fault, they will not replace a tablet for a software fault and they are entitled to inspect the unit before giving a replacement.

_drdee_, Mar 20, 12:51am
Make sure the device is powered down. Hold the volume down button and start it up while keeping the volume down button pressed until you see a menu, reset the device and restart.

Save buggering around with sending it anywhere for them to do the same thing and send it back as no fault found and possibly charging you an inspection fee.

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