The final release of Windows 10. great!

Looking good. I've been on the preview program for several months and I must say the final release looks and works great. Only available as an update via Windows 10 preview version. ISO available from 29th July.

Anyone else with the final release version?

What do yo think of it?

geek_kiwikidd77, Jul 19, 9:15 pm

Already? My laptop is on the 10162 version. Will fire it up and see if it updates.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 19, 9:36 pm

Yes I got it yesterday. The version number at the bottom right of the screen has gone. Checking online gave the information that its currently only available to preview users. Its the full version, free and activated.

Thanks Microsoft.

geek_kiwikidd77, Jul 19, 10:07 pm

Still on 10162. And it works really well.

Will wait for the release, then another month or two before upgrading.

geek_clip1, Jul 19, 10:08 pm

Yup pretty impressed. MS are sticking to their "every 2nd version is a winner" model.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 19, 10:22 pm

Got mine loaded with W10 Pro. seems pretty good.
When the final release is available, will the programs I've installed stay there?
I've been reluctant to install too many just in case I have to do a fresh install and have to re-load everything again. So far, all the various builds have kept them.
To be honest, it doesn't seem that much different to W8.1
Been through a good few OSs
XP (one of the first in NZ)
Got my W10 on a separate HD and dual boot with 8.1. Don't want to move over completely to W10 but keep 8.1 for all sorts of stuff like video editing etc, but a fresh install is so neat and tidy.

geek_fishb8, Jul 20, 7:00 am

MSINFO32 to get the build number. Anyway, been using it at work for the past year and it's a huge improvement from 8 except for a couple of minor bugs that still exist from 7. I'm currently gearing up to deploy it to a small test group on release day. After a couple of weeks of testing within that group, if no major issues arise, I'll be deploying it nationwide.

Because 10s GUI is only slightly different to 7 (which is the main OS in production) there is no requirement to relearn anything which translates to less support calls for us.

geek_lostdude, Jul 20, 5:56 pm

Trying to get Cortana to recognise my microphone. Skype does.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 20, 5:59 pm


geek_ross1970, Jul 20, 6:20 pm

This isn't really true - the UI is actually further from 7 than 8.1 was in a lot of ways.

Personally I've been running the previews since fairly early on and have not been impressed - its just another half finished and completely unpolished release.

geek_vtecintegra, Jul 20, 8:19 pm


geek_fishb8, Jul 20, 8:42 pm

Got Cortana working. Had to disable 'Line In' device under Sounds.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 20, 10:19 pm

Me: "Hey Cortana, I love you!"
Cortana: "Awesome! Now I never have to say I'm sorry."

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 20, 10:23 pm

You have to set your 'region' & 'language' options to US English.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 22, 1:02 pm

Me: Hey Cortana, will you remember me when I'm gone?
Cortana: I'll create a reminder.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 23, 10:10 pm

Does it recognise Maori place names?
ie Hey cortana, how far is it to tauranga?

geek_black-heart, Jul 23, 11:18 pm

ok i got a message on my desktop offering a free upgrade .

2 QUESTIONS, is it no virus, and why is it only shown on my desktop but not on my netbook.

geek_mikeynz13, Jul 24, 11:47 am

No, it's not a Virus.
Your netbook may not have automatic updates enabled. Also, it might be on Win 7 Starter Edition and not meet the minimum hardware requirements for Win10. Without any more details, those would be guesses.

geek_d.snell, Jul 24, 11:51 am

win 10 is way better than 7 and 8. I run windows pro full ver opps oem ver shhhh I wont tell if u don't. mine was a clean install with a iso direct from a frend in usa that has got the oem build the same build that is comeing on new systems around aug 10 in the shops. the build that you have via update is also the full ver if you have a hunt around net you can find esd to iso converter then do a clean install. when it asks for a key just skip it as its pre activated yes the windows update build is pre activated. to slap on new system you don't even have to be on net for it to activate. pls note the windows update one is the full version its not beta or trial its activated permitly

geek_frogycrzy, Jul 24, 6:40 pm

ok winver32 just tell you what u r running and build and other junk. slmgr /xpr wil tell you if it will expire
winver will mainly tell you the owner and about windows also what build it is

pls note for slmgr you have to run in command prompt admin mode

geek_frogycrzy, Jul 24, 6:46 pm

Winver returns:

Microsoft Windows
Version 10.0 (Build 102490)
Product Licenced to User

slmgr /xpr returns

Windows(R), Professional edition.
The machine is permanently Activated

geek_d.snell, Jul 24, 6:58 pm

netbook goes fine as it is so not bothered.

geek_mikeynz13, Jul 24, 8:10 pm

there is a video on Y/tube that states the wonderful vaccine king , Bill Gates, has been very kind in donating the "Free" windows 10 upgrade. it also states in that video that you computer will then have the ability to send all data and emails etc used on all your other electronics within Wi-Fi range back to M/S. and it doesn't require your permission. I guess that means your phone, iPod's, laptops, so no more privacy for NZ. Well done John Key. you serve us well. has anyone else heard about this mass invasion of our privacy. No stupid replies please. adults only.

geek_trademepaidme, Jul 28, 9:29 pm

you don't even provide a link? The pre-release has a lot of reporting features but the final release wont. And the rest of the garbage about it collecting data that doesn't even go to the PC, is laughable.

geek_black-heart, Jul 28, 9:43 pm

looks good funcitons much better than windows 8

geek_bushyy4, Jul 30, 11:00 am

except they actually skipped version 9 for whatever reason!
So i would have expected "10" to be bad and any odd number to be good.

geek_nzoomed, Jul 30, 11:06 am

I agree, i could have made it better myself.

Something that can bring back the aero glass theme would be good too and i hate the ribbon menus like win8 has too.

geek_nzoomed, Jul 30, 11:17 am

Have upgraded this morning, loving it so far

geek_csador, Jul 30, 11:21 am

What indication/notification did you get to say that the upgrade was available or had been downloaded or whatever?
There's nothing on my computer to show the upgrade status!

geek_tmenz, Jul 30, 11:56 am

where do u get link for upgrade

geek_may321, Jul 30, 12:27 pm

Just wait they will let you know, they cant do every computer at once with millions to do. May take a day or two to get to yours.

geek_wayne416, Jul 30, 12:31 pm

To get the notification you need to have Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8.1 with all updates installed. Must also be genuine Windows (I've tried it on a cracked copy but it doesn't work).

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 30, 12:46 pm

Yep, have all that - registered way back - just wasn't sure whether I should have received it or not as yet - I'll go back to standing very by.

geek_tmenz, Jul 30, 1:34 pm

from what i read, if it doesn't think your PC meets the requirements you won't get the notification til the 29th (US)

geek_king1, Jul 30, 2:17 pm

geek_honeysacat, Jul 30, 2:44 pm

What i did to install it successfully earlier today:

check the sources folder in your folder under c: (it's hidden) for install.esd
download esd decrypter to convert this into an ISO
mount said ISO from usb, run setup.exe and upgrade that way

geek_csador, Jul 30, 2:53 pm

Otherwise, others have said they got it to start by running windows update from command prompt: wuauclt.exe /updatenow

geek_csador, Jul 30, 2:57 pm

If it is windows update their using to do it don't expect it until after 3am tomorrow, 29th there, 30th here.

geek_wayne416, Jul 30, 3:26 pm

Downloading for me, just now. Already got a W10 Pro with permanent activation on a separate HD.

geek_fishb8, Jul 30, 4:43 pm

Anyone know if/where/when the official final build ISO will be available?

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 30, 4:51 pm

From what i read, comes within win 10 so install then find it, use for clean install from within windows and or burn to disc/USB for later, but only good for that computer.

geek_wayne416, Jul 30, 5:06 pm

Windows 10 RTM has been published to MSDN! (from a Twitter post, with screenshot.)

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 30, 5:14 pm

No sign of mine yet. I reserved a spot several days ago.

geek_xxsaffyxx, Jul 30, 8:25 pm

Doug Howlett - All Black was the first person in the world to buy an XP machine

geek_fishb8, Apr 19, 10:26 am

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