How am I spamming my own email address?

duffpot, Nov 26, 6:14am
I am with gmail. Lately I am receiving a few emails purporting to be from my gmail address. The gmail spam filter is isolating them and I then delete them unread but I would like to set the filter to automatically delete but as they are marked as coming form "me" I am uncertain if I should do that. thanks.

suicidemonkey, Nov 26, 6:25am
I've had the same thing. Not actually too sure how it works.

cookee_nz, Nov 26, 7:29am
Generally this happens when the PC of someone who already has you as a contact in their own address book gets infected with malware which searches the address book/s and contact lists firstly to harvest a new list of valid addresses to on-spam, but also a valid address from which to 'spoof' your email address to fool the recipients that it appears legit.

Sometimes it can go on for weeks or months because they are unaware it is happening until something alerts them to scan their own system beyond the normal anti-virus scans. Sometimes eventually their own ISP may even get sufficient complaints to suspend their connection. It will stop eventually but it's a right pain in the neck in the meantime.

ianab, Nov 26, 9:04am
A spammer can put anything they want in the "From" address. It means nothing.

So all it means is that a spammer has your email address, and is sending email out as with the "To" and "From" field filled out the same.

Gmail's spam filter is smart enough to stop this.

Just keep emptying the spam box, or simply ignore it. It will get things right 99% of the time.

wenpen, May 19, 11:07am
It's called 'spoofing' and I believe you cant stop it, Google and have a read.

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