Need your thoughts on a computer problem.

mr_lovebug, Mar 13, 9:21am
My friend brought a 28" 4k screen, then brought a video card to drive it, as he wants a 3820 x whatever the res is.

I fitted the video card for him and the pc didn't want to fire up.

Looked on the box of the Geforce GTX750 Ti video card box and found that it needed 20 amps on the 12 volt rail.
So ordered and fitted a NEW 650 (30 amps per 12 volt rail) and thought that would fix the problem, BUT the card is still allowing the computer to fire up.

When using the Display Port it locks up and beeps 6 times on a longesh beeps.

What should I do? Any thoughts?

mr-word, Mar 13, 9:25am
What brand is the bios? Try another computer screen. Is their a change source button on the screen to change the input port?

schizoid, Mar 13, 11:14am
GTX 750 ti's use bugger all power. I don't know why that would be your first logical solution to the problem.

I don't know what sort of PC/motherboard you have, but a quick google led me to this thread, which talks about switching from UEFI to Legacy mode being a possible fix.

Besides that, it's just all the usual dummy checks. Have you reseated the graphics card? Is the 6 pin auxiliary power (if required) plugged in?

At worst it could be a dud GPU, in which case you'd want RMA.

mr_lovebug, Mar 13, 7:03pm
The bios is a AMI and the video card does work in the older pc which is a i5 and the i7 is not showing anything on the screen, yet it beeps on the display port.

The card was picked due to the fact it is a 4k output card for the 4k screen which it is to run.

Been in the bios and can't see where to turn off the UEFI which I have read on line.

I just don't want this to beat me.

kew, Mar 13, 8:23pm
I set up a workstation for my daughter with a GTX 750 ti and the stock power supply is only 350w and it runs fine.
It was the reason for selecting the GTX 750 ti because is draws minimal power compared to other graphics cards of similar specs.

We did experience one issue however. We had two monitors and had trouble booting, so we booted with the large monitor only attached, then shut down, connected the second monitor and re-booted and it worked absolutely fine.

black-heart, Mar 13, 9:57pm
new card is faulty, by the sound of it. Have you tried it in another PC ?

lostdude, Mar 13, 11:07pm
Reread #4.

OP, what is the motherboard make/model?

mr_lovebug, Mar 14, 6:31am
The motherboard is Unknown as the computer is a HP Hpe H9-1020a it has a AMI bios that is running 7.12 have not been able to find a new update for the bios (HP site shows one But it not work).

ross1970, Mar 14, 6:45am
So this pc was using what for graphics output prior to fitting the new card: onboard graphics or another pcie card? if it was the onboard graphics, you have made sure your graphics output in your bios is now set to auto or pcie?

skin1235, Mar 14, 7:08am
have you tried it back on the original vid sys
assume it used to have a vid sys prior to fitting the GTX750
will at least prove you haven't cooked the mb's vid sys
if it works then reset the vids via bios to the card, fit the card, it should boot and ask for drivers
if it doesn't boot and ask for drivers the new card is either faulty or the port you've plugged it into is

mr_lovebug, Mar 14, 7:40am
The old video output was a ATI 6850 card, which was doing well and came out in the pc when it was brought.

The old card works fine no problem (it's now doing 4k BUT is NOT meant to be able to do 4k) which could damage the card in the long run.

The bios shows the on board video as turned Off (disabled).

The GTX 750 Ti works fine in the 2nd pc, the power supply is new and has 30 amps on the 12 volt rails.

Still not able to get the gtx 750 ti to run.

mr_lovebug, Mar 14, 8:05am

Is the computer and the specs of the basic computer that I am working on, now have a new power supply that is a 650 wattage constant power (higher peak rate) and yet the GTX 750 Ti EVGA video card is a lower wattage than the ATI card which came out with.

So over this problem, not wanting to get a new board & chip.

mrfxit, Mar 14, 10:01am
Fairly simple & common bios/O/S confusion error, not assigning the primary video output.

mrfxit, Mar 14, 10:03am
I am suspecting a compatibility problem with either the m/b or the I7 cpu.
Can you swap a different lower spec cpu in to the board.

schizoid, Mar 14, 11:16am
I suggest you cease spending any more money unnecessarily.

mrfxit, May 20, 11:01pm
Still a possible compatibility problem no matter which option it is.
Factory induced either way whether intended or not

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