When to Block or Allow

I have found arcade Giant has been installed in my computer so I ran revo uninstaller to try to get rid of all the hidden files but "Iobit malware fighter" popped up with this.
Startup Item Modify
Threat: Auto run
Key: .
Detail View by registry
Process: Uninstaller
Block or Allow
I don't know which is the correct one to click on what am I blocking? the revo uninstaller or the dam virus.
Sorry to be such a pain but if anyone can help I would be much appreciative, also when I have done this can I still install a arcade giant cleaner.

geek_stoats, Jun 10, 12:33 am

geek_hakatere1, Jun 10, 8:46 am

Threat: Auto run
Key: .

you need to detail the key information as that will tell what the system is trying to autorun

geek_nice_lady, Jun 10, 8:51 am

use this

disable iobit before you run it as it will only interfere and cause confusion.

geek_king1, Jun 10, 9:01 am

Thanks very much guys for your help I am about to follow your instructions

geek_stoats, Jun 10, 9:33 am

Thanks King1 could you please tell me how I disable iobit

geek_stoats, Jun 10, 9:48 am

I dont use it myself but if you right click the system tray icon by the clock it should have an option to disable.

geek_king1, Jun 10, 10:21 am

Dump iobit also.

geek_wayne416, Jun 10, 10:32 am

Thanks very much everyone for your help

geek_stoats, Jun 10, 10:41 am

wayne why do you say dump iobit?

geek_stoats, Jun 10, 3:50 pm

geek_wayne416, Jun 10, 7:42 pm

Thanks wayne416 interesting article

geek_stoats, Sep 1, 3:00 am

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