How do you join the US Netflix?

The form keeping saying I got the wrong zip code, whether I entered a NZ or US zip code, such as 90026. Any idea? I tried payment by PayPal, Netflix won's accept non US account holders.

geek_michelangelo135, Apr 1, 5:05 pm

U need to change yr IP address so it thinks u r in the USA

geek_shipboy, Apr 1, 5:06 pm

Try Zenmate

geek_shipboy, Apr 1, 5:07 pm

You'll need to connect via a VPN.

Or use NZ Netflix

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 1, 5:07 pm

Got it sorted: Turned off Orcon Global Mode and joined Netflix via No zip was required on NZ site. NZ credit card readily accepted. Cheers.

geek_michelangelo135, Apr 2, 12:40 am

ANZ Debit cards appear to work on US site.

geek_spyware, Apr 2, 1:05 am

I think the issue was that the OP wanted to sign up to the NZ service, but as being redirected to the US service by the IPS's global mode.

geek_cafc2012, Apr 2, 11:44 am

I use prezzi cards for Netflix US, no problems what so ever.
Although they are kind of a pre paid credit card.
Only thing I had to do was change me region with slingshot. (now that NZ has Netflix)

I dont know what sort of content NZ has compared to US. Any one know?

geek_mr_sausage, Apr 2, 1:32 pm

joined the nz netflix - kiwibank visa debit - use hola beter internet ( free vpn ) and while its on redirects to the US :)

geek_trade_menow, Apr 2, 2:49 pm

You dont need to change your IP address, just change to a global DNS provider (which orcon and slingshot do automatically for you at no cost)

geek_nzoomed, Apr 2, 3:29 pm

I joined US netflix using a ANZ visa debit and using 90210 as the zip code. On slingshot with gobal mode on

geek_lunar2, Apr 3, 7:46 pm

Can you stream in HD for US netflix, we have the NZ version which gives us great HD quality but the us one comes through grainy looking and the quality is a bit crappy. Is there a way to fix this?

geek_sarahlou84, Jun 4, 4:58 pm

Might have something to do with your connection as we get crystal clear hd with all the different regions including the US. Are you on a better connection then ADSL?

geek_2nd2none, Jun 4, 5:42 pm

yeah we are on a fibre connection

geek_sarahlou84, Jun 4, 5:47 pm

Agree, free for a reason!

geek_remmers, Jun 4, 7:18 pm

Unblock-us anyone. switch Netflix regions at a click of a mouse and it doesn't redirect the connection either thus lack of speed or latency issues.

geek_dudekrulz, Sep 16, 5:03 pm

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