Wrong user name and password

canuck44, Apr 4, 8:28pm
Hi An elderly lady friend just bought a new HP desktop and when setting it up she put in the wrong user name and password. Now she is sure she remembers her old one but it wont accept it when she tries to sign in. Any suggestions? Thanks

r.g.nixon, Apr 4, 8:51pm

canuck44, Apr 4, 10:33pm
We cant get past the sign on page to access anything else. She has a MSN user name but when she first tried to set up the new computer she mistakenly put in Hotmail instead. Since then she cant get past the user name and password page.

king1, Apr 4, 10:41pm
follow the link r.g.nixon gave you, one of the first steps takes you to a page where you can reset the password.

However be very clear about which account you are trying to access.

If she originally setup with a hotmail account then that account exists and is the one you are trying to reset - irrespective of whether she actually uses it for email

canuck44, Apr 4, 10:55pm
no she originally set up with a MSN account. She has tried to put that user name and her original password in but that doesn't work either. Can I do this on my computer as she is really upset about all this poor Love.

canuck44, Apr 4, 10:56pm
There is no place on her screen to access links as its the sign in page only.

spyware, Mar 22, 10:04pm
Obviously you would use another computer.

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