Vodafone Fibre/Sky TV package

apollo77, Mar 2, 8:06am
I have recently got their Fastest speed - 200/20 phone and sky package . Speed is never over 100mps using cable and 72mps over wireless, and often less if load is heavier. Their wireless modem is crap. On a scale of 1 to 10 - I would give it a 7 - my old Billion was lots better- had to put another modem down the end of the house to boost the signal. Their mysky box is not up to the same standard as the Sky recorder- with substandard functions and the delay with every function when pressed. Their installation of the Fibre cable to my house was bloody poor standard and then stuck this bloody ugly white box beside my front door = and hadn't told me. ( I didnt know they have this motherfugly box to stick on your wall )= and why wouldnt they put it somewhere less visible - I have asked them at least 5 times to come back and fix the cable installation = and have been told they will fix it = but they have never turned up .

jeremy_74, Mar 2, 11:15pm
Strange, our caller id works fine with Uniden phones and Vodafone.

newbie5, Mar 3, 2:31am
And me

newbie5, Mar 3, 2:32am
That is not Vodafone it is the installer they have used.

apollo77, Mar 3, 9:12am
It is Vodafone contract installer - who is still responsible for quality- Their mysky box is miles away in functions from SKY . very disappointed

psgarrett, Nov 25, 8:18am
Is Vodafone Fibre any good? had some dude talk to us about switching over to that fibre and sky tv deal is it worth it?

intrade, Nov 25, 8:30am
do you even have a fiber cable to your house?

tillsbury, Nov 25, 8:51am
It's all the same wire.

desmodean, Nov 25, 9:08am
Agree lele2014, Also with Vodafone their caller ID dosnt work with Uniden phones and not sure if does with any phones! although they say they working on it it could be ages! Also if having technical issues they dont have the staff to deal with all their cockups so no one answers the phone!

psgarrett, Nov 25, 9:29am
yup we have fibre currently with Slingshot on the 100mbps plan is vodafone fibre any good compared to other internet providers?

beserkerang, Nov 26, 2:08am
you probably wont find much difference in performance on fibre with different ISPs. But customer support is another issue. Vodafone has a call centre in Manila and I personally have the worst times trying to understand them, every second word is "uhm" or "ahh"

greeny, Nov 26, 6:57am
Have been with vodafone for ages never had an issue with their service

newbie5, Jun 22, 10:05am
Me neither or their BB.
I have internet/phone/sky package and cell phone as well and never had any problems.

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