seaspray1, Mar 13, 2:16am
Freeparking contacted me today offering a package to secure .nz and .kiwi for our currently .co.nz suffixed website. Is there any advantage to us doing that? Is .co.nz being phased out at any stage? We'd have a fair bit of longstanding advertising to change if we took up their offer. They tell me they can hold it until the end of March after which my website name with those 2 suffixes would be available to the open market. Is this nonsense or should I be securing it as offered?

mattnzw, Mar 13, 2:30am
No, .co.nz is not being phased out. You should speak to your domain provider, as they should have made this clear to you.

mazdasix, Mar 13, 2:37am
I got the same e-mail. Nothing in it said .co.nz was being phased out.

knackid1, Mar 13, 2:48am
We are debating the same issue. Problem is that we have 7 names to sort out. It seems to be an excuse to make more money however many other countries have made their domain names simpler such as the new .nz

Anyone who already has the .co.nz version has first rights to them until the end of March so pay up or someone else can use your name with .nz behind it. What they should have done is set a date to can the .co.nz to be replaced by .nz but that is unlikely to happen as this is more of a money making scheme rather than replacing the old with the new.

Don't forget domain names are not covered by rights. It's a free for all and first in first served. One day they might wake up and realise that this needs to change. At least they gave people who already have the .co.nz first rights to the change.

No .co.nz is not being phased out however it is likely to be if .nz becomes the norm as it has in some other countries who have shortened them.

d.snell, Mar 13, 7:48am
you'd be mad not to take the .kiwi.nz or .nz and just divert them to your ,co,nz website, Domains are cheap, start a $1 per year and go up to about $40 per year, depending on the TLD. We have quite a few versions for our domain and they all go to the same website. Including .co.nz, .net.nz. .biz, .kiwi.nz, .kiwi, .maori.nz. .info

richardw13, Mar 14, 11:08am
.kiwi , and .kiwi.nz are two different extensions. I don't know if businesses need to buy them. There are hundreds of domain extensions now, such as .shop, .builder etc, so they are a bit of a money spinner.

lythande1, Mar 14, 6:54pm
Because those with xxx.co.nz are allowed first choice to get the xxx.nz.
Doesn't mean you have to. no different from you getting say - xxx.com also.

soodanim, May 20, 11:28am
It's up to you but they don't cost that much and you can just redirect them to your .co.nz. You wouldn't need to "change" anything.

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