I want to start a blog which is a/ free, and b/ confidential- to record my personal thoughts.
Any suggestions?

geek_johnhb, Jun 10, 4:35 pm

if confidential is important then you should probable use pen and paper, or a word document.

geek_king1, Jun 10, 4:51 pm

MS Word

geek_beserkerang, Jun 10, 4:52 pm

A draft email on

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 10, 5:27 pm

I use Day One on my iPad and Mac. I am sure Windows equivalents must exist, assuming that is what you use.

geek_piperguy, Jun 11, 2:28 pm

Now there is a thought.

geek_bryshaw, Jun 11, 9:21 pm

Pen and paper? That's that new system that doesn't need electricity or internet, right?

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 11, 9:25 pm


geek_lifesteala, Jun 11, 10:25 pm

I don't think a blog is what you want to start. That sounds more like a diary to me.

geek_oclaf, Aug 28, 4:30 am

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