Occlus will be a thing of the past before they.

even get going, especially considering that the resolution of a GS4 leaves the resolution of an occlus rift for dead.

I knew with the advent of google cardboard somethig like this would come about.

There is also an android app in development called trinus gyre which does the same thing.

geek_nzoomed, Feb 25, 6:03 am

Cold day in hell before I go out in public with a smartphone strapped to my face. /good luck with that.

geek_black-heart, Feb 25, 8:13 am

The real world is already "real" so does not require any "virtual reality" technology to view. Go outside sometime.

geek_waipawa, Feb 25, 8:19 am

Microsofts hololens looks promising if it can deliver the goods, AR vs VR though.

geek_black-heart, Feb 25, 7:26 pm

Neither would I, but then again, who would with an occlus rift either?

Its only to be used in the privacy of your own home for gaming, etc.

geek_nzoomed, Feb 25, 7:56 pm

to be fair the only use for an occulus rift I've found even mildly interesting is gaming. ie Elite Dangerous. where it's support seem good.
Not that the privacy of my own home would save me from the worst tormentors of all, family.

geek_black-heart, Feb 25, 9:54 pm

gaming is the only thing that interests me too with VR, and perhaps some VR movies.

geek_nzoomed, Jul 4, 4:31 pm

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