ASUS help please

Hi, i am after some advice please. I have googled for ages. I am not great with computers. so any advice please put simply, and a big thank you in advance!
ok, so my laptop wouldn't sign into a network. I tried everything google advised, i made sure the aeroplane mode was off etc.
When i was searching for answers, i was in settings and i pressed "FORGET NETWORK" on the network i want it to connect to. now it's asking me for a network security key to log into that network?

how can i get the computer to remember the network i want to connect to?
and why won't it connect?


geek_jessmin, Mar 17, 2:40 pm

You need to reenter your wifi pass word

geek_lilyfield, Mar 17, 2:45 pm

thanks, lilyfield, why on earth would i not think of that?!

i have been trying to connect it to the network, it was fine up until yesterday, now it says - cannot connect to this network

geek_jessmin, May 14, 5:17 am

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