Anyone ordered a retina Macbook?

Subject says it all, really. Looking at 3-4 weeks shipping at the moment. Wonder whether yoobee or Harvey Norman or that crowd might have it in earlier than that.

geek_tillsbury, Apr 11, 8:22 pm

I would have thought unlikely they would hit the shelves before Apple could get one to you. You could always order from the site and cancel it if you find one in a shop.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Apr 11, 8:24 pm

Not me, I enjoy value for my money.

geek_farside03, Apr 11, 8:24 pm

More a Great Wall type of guy eh!

If you compare the same build quality and experience lack of hours spent tracking down or trying to dodge viruses and then add in residual value you will find that Mac Book is overall inexpensive, assuming that you value your time.

geek_remmers, Apr 11, 9:40 pm

It's certainly expensive when compared to the older Macbook Air and Pro models (which are a hell of a lot more powerful)

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 11, 9:47 pm

Those giant luggable computers, you mean? ;-)

geek_tillsbury, Apr 11, 10:11 pm

Yeah that extra 160gm is going to make all the difference :p

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 11, 10:39 pm

So a fully aluminium laptop with extremely high resolution display, fast i5 processor, extremely fast pci-e ssd, wireless AC and more, isn't good value for 1900$ when pretty much no windows laptops can match it for the price?

Not a fanboy, I prefer windows, but I do think that the macbooks are a very good deal for what you pay.

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 11, 10:40 pm

Except this new one doesn't have a 'fast i5 processor' - it is an ultra low power Core M model like you'd find in a UX305

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 11, 10:43 pm

I love my Apple and will certainly be upgrading to the retina. No virus, very few upgrades, awesome picture, fast, light but super strong, RELIABLE but not boring. I could go on. Get the first one available.

geek_jackiesavage, Apr 12, 6:30 am

It'll be interesting to see. The only benchmarks I've seen of the 1.3GHz (cf 800MHz in the Asus) show it outperforming a 2013 2.4GHz i5 in Geekbench, but they are unconfirmed at present. Shouldn't be long before we find out.

geek_tillsbury, Apr 12, 9:32 am

Burst performance probably isn't going to be an issue, but sustained performance certainly will be.

Fine if your needs are lightweight, but probably not going to replace your normal laptop like even an Air can.

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 12, 10:25 am

that Mums and Dads types don't fully utilise.
Forget about the wall-garden OS that is Mac.

geek_dudekrulz, Apr 12, 11:22 am

Why do you think OS X is a walled garden?

geek_remmers, Apr 12, 11:57 am

Forced updates to every damn thing, strange default settings that make no sense, a nightmare to administer.

geek_dudekrulz, Apr 12, 12:12 pm

The retina mini iPad was worth the extra, got it direct through Apple when they first came out and no regrets

geek_raf55, Apr 12, 1:03 pm

Well I run win 8.1 and OS X and find there are more updates on win, both have access to my NAS, I find OS X is far easier to setup and run on networks.

geek_remmers, Apr 12, 1:59 pm

How is it a walled garden? It's just as open as Windows

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 12, 2:41 pm

My XPS 13 for $1700 would like a word with you.

geek_lugee, Apr 12, 11:05 pm

Surface Pro 3 compares pretty well to the new Macbooks. Better specs, touch screen, similar screen res and cheaper.

geek_thusisperfectio, Apr 13, 8:20 am

I didn't consider that. Nice machine actually. Much lower res display unless you pay $2500 for the QHD model. But still, very nice.

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 13, 9:01 am

Forced updates? I probably have to update my Macbook once every few months. They're few and far between, and by no means "forced". Windows is like once a week.

And strange default settings? Not that I've encountered.

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 13, 9:03 am

Faster CPU but much slower SSD and the form factor is pretty much love it or hate it (whereas the Macbook is just a traditional laptop)

Also once you add the cover (which is essentially mandatory) its a bit more expensive than the Macbook

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 13, 11:42 am

Much lower? It's only 16% less pixels across. I wouldn't classify as much, but to each their own.

I can't see any pixels unless I put my face about 3"" from the screen, which obviously looks retarded. And you get a bit more battery life with the slightly reduced resolution.

geek_lugee, Apr 13, 1:06 pm

Still that's a difference of 230ppi vs 170. Not insignificant.

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 13, 1:30 pm

Well if a person is a pixel density wh*re then they can buy the 3200x1800 option and blow the MacBook away far more than the MacBook blows the 1080p model away :)

(If you just open the live chat on and ask nicely they give you about a $250-$300 discount (how I got the $2000 model for $1700) that brings the QHD model fairly close.

I think the actual Core i5 and ability to charge and plug in a flashdrive at the same time makes up for it. Also the IGZO display is very nice, low power and tiny bezels over the ancient standard IPS in the MacBook.

geek_lugee, Apr 13, 1:56 pm

IPS is hardly ancient.

Oh and I'm referring to the regular retina macbook btw. The new one and its single port is stupid IMO :P Nice design, crippled functionality.

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 13, 2:03 pm

MacBook Pro? Yeah that's a much tighter comparison, it's pretty good value and I was tossing it up. I was after portability though and the XPS 13 is substantially smaller for the same screen size.

Also wasn't keen on the metal palmrest, I've had one of those before and you absolutely don't want to put any skin on it on a frosty -5 Christchurch morning. The carbon fibre composite on the XPS is nice and warm feeling.

geek_lugee, Feb 23, 9:54 pm

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