Help with burning a movie to DVD

stoats, Jun 22, 9:21am
I burnt a movie I had onto my external hard drive using DVD shrink so I could play it through a media center, I don't have the Movie itself any longer but wanted to put it back onto a DVD so I can play it on a DVD player we have at the bach I only have Nero 7 essentials is it possible to do this or will I have to get another program can anyone help with this please?

wayne416, Jun 22, 11:47am
I use this, just watch for junk if there's any. Had it on computer for a few years now so don't know if their like everyone now with a lot of crapware added to download. You could also try this, works well but slow and wont play back on a few players but OK on most.

wayne416, Jun 22, 12:08pm
I re read your post, so if DVD shrink shrunk it to less than about 4.5GBs [fit onto one disc] this should do it for you seeing the file is from a DVD. A very good burner.

stoats, Jul 27, 3:31pm
Thanks very much you guys neither of those things helped however I have found the movie disks I was looking for. your info & help is much appreciated

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