Monitor + TV at same time?

speedwayfan1, May 10, 12:19am
I think this can be done but want to make sure before I go pulling stuff out of the way to do it. I'm using a GTX660, and want to run the monitor as my 'main' screen but also a cable running to a TV in another room that will display the same image. Both will be using a DVI cable from what I remember?

king1, May 10, 12:28am
i haven't seen a tv with DVI, usully vga for older tvs or HDMI for newer ones.

if the tv only has vga you could use a dvi/vga adapter

speedwayfan1, May 10, 12:31am
Sorry, DVI to HDMI. I've got them both connected now, but the TV is only showing the desktop wallpaper and nothing else?

speedwayfan1, Dec 7, 2:56pm
Got it sorted!

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