$130m child support IT blowout

gyrogearloose, Mar 3, 8:27pm

"The reforms changed the formula for the calculation of child support and how it is collected, basing the formula on the incomes of both parents and the hours each cares for their children."

$163 million to change the calculation, I'm stunned.

black-heart, Mar 3, 9:08pm
think of the savings. oh wait.

lostdude, Mar 4, 1:13am
Wow, just wow.

alpha111, Mar 4, 3:24am
Only $5 to join the NZ Taxpayers' Union.

vtecintegra, Mar 4, 4:31am
As shocking as those figures are that is a gross oversimplification.

fruitbat, Mar 4, 10:01am
Inland Revenue need a complete computer overhaul. Novo pay all over again. LOL The current tax payer and future generations can settle the debt.

daikiwi, Mar 4, 10:51am
The child support system was shoehorned into IRD's FIRST system, a late-eighties designed computer system implemented circa 1991. IRD has been officially telling ministers in their briefings to government since 2005(!) that with all the changes and bolt-ons since then, that their computer system had reached the limits of its adaptability.

I don't think anyone with any experience with major system revamps would be surprised that $30 million was inadequate. Being out by a factor of five in the estimates is just mad though!

gyrogearloose, Mar 6, 4:21am
Rather than flying in resources from Australia, they could, at a moments notice and start immediately, hire competent project managers who know that late-eighties code like the back of their hand and could hustle a .NET solution using agile methodology.

shazpetal, Mar 6, 5:59am
well the new model for calculating doesn't seem to be that flash, I've had 2 letters this week with different amounts of payment

daikiwi, Mar 6, 7:33am
I suspect there's few left who know the design like that: Long resigned, retired or restructured.

Any new system also has to work seamlessly with all the parts of the old system - including all the other things bolted onto the core of FIRST. It also has to be forward compatible with whatever they're planning as the billion dollar replacement for IRD's systems.

And, being a government department they *aren't allowed* to hire like that anyway. All must be signed off - after much, much design paperwork, quotes, & begging - by the gods of Cabinet and Treasury.

They're damned either way.

daikiwi, Mar 6, 7:35am
Only two? Never mind, there's still time for NZ Post to deliver a couple more before the end of the week.

andrew1954, Mar 6, 7:51am
The problem is basically the Government are an easy touch when it comes to selling IT solutions. Some committee of shiny bottomed civil servants will have been wined and dined by some shiny shoed IT salesman and between they will have decided that 30 mill sounds like a nice round amount. Should not cause too much of a stir. The list of deliverables looks goods, but not in so much detail that anbody will be held to it, and if they really insist that what was promised is to be delivered everybody is aware that this will cost more.

shazpetal, Jun 13, 2:57pm
you're probably right

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