Whats the best free virus protection for 8.1 ?

nitz1, Mar 4, 2:46am
i have a hp laptop with windows 8 (now self upgraded to 8.1 ). came with nortons (now removed . i hate it)
also what can i do to stop 'flash player' freezing all the time . have no movies no music and just a few pics have done uninstall and re instal for no difference . and do c clean and defrag etc weekly

mark.52, Mar 4, 3:21am
Clean unwanted applications that ship as part of the system: http://www.pcdecrapifier.com/home For security, some people say Windows Defender (part of the Windows 8 operating system) is adequate. I disable it and am quite happy using Avast free: https://www.avast.com/en-nz/index As part of the security protocol, I use Firefox as a browser, with the Noscript and AdblockPlus ad-ons activated. (NoScript, correctly configured, stops "drive by downloads" dead. In fact, the malicious code hidden in a web page won't even register your computer is there.
https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/36.0/whatsnew/?oldversion=35.0.1 https://noscript.net/

_drdee_, Mar 4, 3:33am
It is actually called 'Norton' unless you were referring to a plural of Norton, ie: 'Norton's *something*' in which case you are missing part of your sentence and the apostrophe.

Anyway, with 8.1 there is no need to use anything other than Window's Defender. Windows 8.1 using Defender tests to be the most secure Window's environment so far.

nitz1, Mar 4, 8:13am
thanks for the help with the computer issue . as for the spelling lesson obviously you could tell what i was meaning so why was there any need to point it out ? why give unnecessary grief to those who ACCIDENTALLY get things wrong

mark.52, Mar 4, 10:02pm
You're welcome.
It doesn't take too long to learn enough about online security and what to install (and more importantly, what not to) to become pretty safe online.

Tutorials and tech advice all over the web. Security forums, too. They can be fun.

_drdee_, Mar 4, 11:18pm
When you use an 'i' by itself you use a capital 'I'.
A question mark acts like a full stop, so you do not need a space before it and the following word would then start with a capital.

No problem.

nitz1, Jun 16, 10:11pm

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