A way to use a removed computer hard drive

geek_express, Feb 9, 6:07 am
What is the enclosure I should buy? How do I tell which one to buy? Are they a plug and play thing? The hard drive just fits in to the case with all connections in it?

geek_skin1235, Feb 9, 6:25 am
all great questions

that we cannot answer until you tell us what type of drive it is to start with, even a model number or some details off the face label could help

geek_trade_menow, Feb 9, 6:30 am
laptop or desktop - IDE or sata ?

geek_sqidlie, Feb 9, 7:16 am

geek_express, Feb 9, 7:47 am
How do you tell if its ide or sata? Its from a desktop. Thanks mazdaix. There are lots of numbers on the top.

geek_king1, Feb 9, 7:53 am
I want one!

geek_king1, Feb 9, 7:54 am
these are laptop drives , desktops are just bigger but ports are similar

pata = parallel ata = ide (the interface type)

geek_mrfxit, Feb 9, 7:30 pm
IDE, also known as PATA (mostly IDE) have a wide strip of double row pins on the back

Sata have 2 short card type connectors just off the side of the center of the drive

Kings link has good pictures

(2.5" & 3.5" hdd's)
Laptop IDE/Pata hdd's have a smaller version of the wide double pin row connector

Laptop & desktop Sata hdd's have the same 2 short strip connectors

geek_express, Feb 9, 8:01 pm
Thanks everyone for your help especially those who put up the informative links. Have a good day and God bless you all.

geek_ctnz, Feb 9, 9:49 pm
Bought a number of enclosures for drives from old laptops, they make great cheap loaner drives.

geek_hakatere1, Aug 26, 4:06 pm
If you get 'em back.

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