trele, May 29, 8:24am
I am looking for assistance on wireless adapters for televisions and would be very grateful if anyone could point my nose in the right direction.

I have a Panasonic Viera TV (Model: TH-L43ZE30) on which I would like to access the internet to watch online movies, faceboook, youtube, etc. When endeavouring to activate the Viera function on the TV I get a message that I need to install a wireless adaptor or link to my modem (Thompson) via an ethernet cable.

The TV is three rooms away from the modem so a cable is not a practical solution. The wireless reception within the house is very good as I frequently use a laptop and tablet in the same room. I checked with Panasonic to enquire about the part I required and where it can be purchased. Sad to say they no longer stock them and, even sadder, they were not at all helpful in suggesting an alternative.

On checking the TV manual and researching on Google it looks as though the Panasonic part may be DY-WL10. The way electronics are these days I would guess there is some sort of universal adapter that would serve the same purpose but having two left hands in this field I am uncertain what I should look for and where I could make the purchase.

Could anyone please assist.

Many thanks.

suicidemonkey, May 29, 8:28am
Chromecast would be the best option

spyware, May 29, 9:50am
The TV won't have the ability to use any other adapter than that specified. Chromecast yuk. Build yourself a linux box running Plex, Twonky, TVHeadend, AirVideo and connect a by cat6.

mrfxit, May 29, 9:52am
What ports are on the back of this TV.
I can't get any info via Google

suicidemonkey, May 29, 10:23am
The average user isn't going to understand most of the words you just said let alone build a Linux box. Chromecast is great for basic streaming.

lucky.gadgets, May 29, 11:15am
If you tv has an ethernet port, you could get a wifi range extender with at least 1 port, and plug the tv into the range extender via ethernet cable. Probably cost more than a wifi adapter but you wouldn't have to worry about compatibility and you get bonus of boosted wifi range.

king1, May 29, 11:23am
or Ethernet over power adapters would do the job

emmerson1, May 29, 11:24am
I bought a Netgear WiFi adaptor a couple of years ago for our Panasonic DVR with Vierra and it works fine. I tried using a power-line adaptor but it didn't work reliably. Turns out that a DVR makes a lousy computer, and I don't imagine a TV would be much better.

"Wireless Network RJ45" finds a few.

jeremy_74, May 29, 9:38pm
I use a TP-link wireless access point for my Panasonic Viera.

Although the very few apps available from Panasonic almost make it a waste of time. The You tube app stopped working this year on older model Panasonic TV's and Blu-ray players.

billyfieldman, May 29, 11:56pm
I think this is the way to go too. All the TV needs is a HDMI port.
Easy to setup and use. Cheap too, only $59.

trele, May 30, 12:05am
Many thanks for your contributions. Some I understand but others are a bit beyond my ageing brain but, nevertheless, I appreciate the postings.

Mr. Fxit, you enquired about the ports on the back of the TV. In addition to HDMI, SD card, USB and AV sockets/slots there is also an Ethernet socket so the means to hook into the internet is already there.

Many thanks.

billyfieldman, May 30, 12:51am
Does the TV come with a device that would allow you to move the pointer around the screen, the way one uses a mouse to move a pointer on a computer screen?

pyro_sniper2002, May 30, 12:51am
+1 Just how out of touch with reality do you have to be before you start recommending a building a linux box when a user is asking a question like they are.

To the OP, options are buy the genuine Panasonic item, buy an external item with built in WiFi, like a Samsung BluRay player/Apple TV/ Chromecase. Or look into powerline adapters. These plug into the wall, one by your modem and one by your TV, then you plug an ethernet cable into each from modem and from TV, and the link works over your power plugs. Something like this: http://www.pbtech.co.nz/index.php?z=p&p=NETTPL0411

2nd2none, May 30, 12:54am
As above a Chromecast will work and probably work a lot better then the built in capabilities of the tv

rz_zone, May 30, 2:20am
Just hook up your laptop to tv using hdmi/vga cable and use wireless keyboard/mouse.

velenski, Jun 1, 9:48pm
raspberry pi openelec or raspbmc very easy to set up ,most users would be able to follow instruction on how to on the net :)

ross1970, Jun 1, 9:53pm
You're a dick.

jon9, Jun 1, 9:57pm
In a similar situation I used a power line Ethernet adaptor. Works better than a range extender. Basically it's two three pin plugs with Ethernet ports on each end. You pair the plugs together then plug one in by your router and one by the TV.

Then plug an Ethernet cable from the powerline to the modem and power line to the TV. The Ethernet cable will run through the internal wiring in the house.

You can pick up a pair for between $70 and $100, something like listing 895702919

tsjcf, Sep 27, 3:57am
local sparkie or Aerial installer to run a cat 6 out to your router from TV. depending on access to roof or underfloor should not be more then a couple of hours at most.

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