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shagged, Oct 10, 4:44am
does anyone here game on a mac pc or macbook?

I currenlty have a windows laptop that I use to game on once a week playing games like Call of duty and battlefield and GTA.

I am so fed up with windows at the moment and am having big issues with my laptop not booting up properly and getting a blank screen that I am considering switching to a Macbook.

As I said I only use it to game with some mates once a week so its not something that is going to be use purely for gaming. I don't mind if the games won't play on the highest settings but as long as the graphics are still of a good quality.

What are your experiences of gaming on macs?

schizoid, Oct 10, 6:47am
I don't, but there are more games being migrated to Mac support on Steam these days. You're still pretty limited for choice though. Then of course there is the premium you will have to pay for the hardware, and then more for any upgrades you need/want to make. I imagine trying to game on a Macbook is just simply not a thing.

awoftam, Oct 10, 6:51am
Nope. Macs not good for gaming.

oclaf, Oct 10, 10:55am

schizoid, Oct 10, 12:10pm
this is pointless, seeing as they are basically talking about abandoning Windows. Which seems pretty misguided in the first place, blaming their hardware faults on their "windows laptop".

thecommander, Oct 10, 7:34pm
Why are you gaming on a laptop for, especially a MAC of all things.
You might as well be playing on a console if you are going to be playing on a lap top.
PC Master Race

vtecintegra, Oct 10, 9:30pm
That's the worst of both worlds - you still need to deal with Windows and you only get the very limited (for gaming) hardware that is available in Macs.

king1, Oct 10, 9:39pm
Get it looked at, get it fixed. You don't normally go and buy a new car just because the old one runs erratically; maybe perhaps if its so ancient its not worth fixing.

suicidemonkey, Oct 11, 12:41am
Gaming is definitely getting better in Mac world, a lot of games are becoming available on Steam for Mac. So I wouldn't write it off completely - but Windows is still definitely better if you're a big gamer.

You're also limited by hardware. Only the high-end 15" Macbook Pro and iMacs have anything close to a decent dedicated graphics card. and even then it's still laptop grade hardware so not as good as you'd be able to put in a desktop PC

intrade, Oct 11, 2:18am
i game on linux with steam here . i seen plenty mac compatible games on there as well

schizoid, Oct 11, 2:33am
it looks like to get a macbook with more than just integrated graphics (i.e. game-able) you need to get the top of the line model, so $3000 worth.

suicidemonkey, Oct 11, 2:49am
Yep, only the 15" model does it. $3899 and it comes with the R9 M370X.

Otherwise the base model ($3099) comes with the Iris Pro integrated graphics. Which are actually pretty good, but you're not gonna play anything at the displays native res.

For $1000 less you can get a 27" iMac with a Nvidia 755M in it. Annoyingly they don't offer the 780M option anymore which was actually a pretty decent GPU.

In summery, buy a desktop PC for gaming.

vtecintegra, Oct 11, 3:17am
The retina iMac has up to an M295X which is somewhere between a desktop 950 and a desktop 960 in power but that's close to $4k

suicidemonkey, Oct 11, 3:28am
Yeah not bad. I wonder if gaming performance suffers considering how many pixels it's driving

Also there are rumours floating around that Apple are releasing a couple of new iMacs next week - could be interesting. I'd say the next logical step is a retina 21.5" model.

vtecintegra, Sep 12, 9:30pm
The trouble is at the moment Apple has a bee in their bonnet about Nvidia, and unfortunately AMD mobile chips are not really competitive at the moment.

It remains to be seen whether they switch to Nvidia or remain with AMD out of sheer bloody mindedness

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