Anyone here familiar with Sweet Home 3 D?

squibby, May 22, 3:09am
Can't figure how to make a split-level floor. I don't meant multi-storey, but split level, such as the lounge floor being 30mm lower than the rest of the floor level. Would appreciate help, ta.

badcam, May 23, 1:16am
I am. I'm only recently familiar with this excellent program though. It's blardy good.

You have to create another level.

right-click the 2D plan and choose Add Level.
Fill in the Name of the level, say "Subfloor", enter the Elevation as -0.30, floor thickness as 0.30 and height as 0.30.

Then create a room for the area which will be your split-level floor.

In order to see that sublevel the trick is then to make sure you're on the Ground Floor level of the 2D plan and then right-click Select Object and choose the floor space area. Then right-click and select Modify Rooms. Then take the tick out of "Display Floor".

Here's a template of what I've just described:

There has to be a way to create an area space on the ground floor which excludes the sublevel area space. If I figure out how to do this, I'll come back to you. I've been trying to first create a wall around the sublevel area and then an outer wall, and then trying to get 3D sweet to fill only that floor space between, which it should do, but with no success.

badcam, May 23, 1:31am
For having never ever used one of these programs in my life I'm pretty chuffed with the results I can easily get. The rendering of this took longer than it did to actually design it:

squibby, May 23, 8:54pm
Badcam, and I'm pretty chuffed with your response here too. Great stuff. I now have to figure out how to create that as a new level attached to the original level. Like, two adjoining floors, one 40mm higher than the other.

And you are correct. What a wonderful program.

badcam, May 23, 9:38pm
Should be the same principle. Just two levels next to each other, one 40mm more elevated than the other. Don't forget the Level Tabs are at the top of the 2D plan area. If the new level is to replace part of an already existing floor space area on the other level, then you will need to recreate that floor space to exclude the new layers floor space area. You may find it helps to temporarily add in walls to exclude/include areas you do/don't want to recreate floor space in, and then when the rearrange floor space is created remove those temp walls.

If you get stuck and can upload a sketch, or the sh3d file itself, with some dimensions, I could try and replicate it for you.

squibby, May 24, 2:48am
I thought I had the hang of it OK, but have struck a problem that I can't see my way around. I have created two different rooms with different levels ok, but when I place furniture into Level 0 it defaults to the Level 1 floor height. Furniture placed in Level 1 is OK. Any hints?

badcam, May 24, 3:39am
Select the Furniture item. right-click and Modify Furniture. Change the Elevation.

Also, when you create the furniture, make sure that you have preselected the correct level you want to add the furniture to.

squibby, Oct 21, 2:08am
Thanks for your help Badcam. By a fluke I had already discovered I was adding furniture to Level 0 while in Level 1 mode, which explained why it was all suspended in the air. So all sorted, ta very much.

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