Web hosting required (low cost?)

flower-child01, Aug 13, 7:57pm
I have been running my own websites that are self designed for some years now. The host I have been with for the last couple of years does not deem customer satisfaction a top priority. I am low income so can't afford anything over $10 a month. I run two domains, one of them as an add on, and require 4 MySQL databases. Any suggestions of any good web hosts that would meet my needs.

lythande1, Aug 13, 8:03pm
Openhost or domains4less (same parent company)

-bookzone-, Aug 13, 8:26pm
I use www.myhost.co.nz and www.webbase.co.nz (the latter being part of Openhost)

flower-child01, Aug 13, 11:51pm
Please before answering read what I have stated "not more than $10 a month". "two domains, one of them as an add on", "require 4 MySQL databases", Suggesting anything that doesn't meet my needs is not helping.

r.g.nixon, Aug 14, 12:37am
If you have a PC you can leave running 24/7, and have unlimited bandwidth, you could host it yourself.

petrik, Aug 14, 1:01am
What do you mean by customer satisfaction?

I was going to suggest www.webhand.co.nz but $10/mth for what you're needing? You're pushing the envelope on that one. But hey you never know if you don't ask.

flower-child01, Aug 14, 1:27am
When a customer asks for a simple task, which in turn ends up being a bigger task for the host as well as the customer.

I registered a new account, and paid for it. I then emailed the host asking for the other domain I have hosted with them to be deleted. Simple instructions, right. Although the new one is a similar domain name, I wanted a clean install. The webhost ignored my request outlined in two forms of contact, a ticket and an email, and transferred the contents (in which I had deleted) from a backup, and moved it to the new setup. This took 18 hours to complete from the time the payment was received by the host. Now I have to clean it all out myself again.

I have looked at Aus webhosting and will go there.

petrik, Aug 14, 3:22am
So you're registering the Domains at the same company you're hosting with?

mattnzw, Aug 14, 3:28am
You know what they say about paying peanuts. If you want good support, and good reliability, you need a better budget.

munchnz, Aug 14, 3:51am
look overseas, NZ is to pricey. I pay $10 US a month for large reseller account. Haven't looked of late but last time I searched any NZ hosting for similar options the cheapest was $250 NZ a month. $10 US = anywhere from $11-14 NZ depending on exchange

mattnzw, Aug 14, 4:04am
US Hosting tends to loads slower in NZ. Also $10 us is currently $15 NZ, and the NZ dollar may drop if we can't sell more milk. You could get over $20 . NZ based reseller hosting isn't $250. Reliability and good service is more important that price and size IMO, and most of these cheap hosts will be overselling tremendously. It is fine for hobby websites, but not for businesses who may depend on a high level of reliability and support.

munchnz, Aug 14, 4:11am
US sites loads faster for NZ as they sleep when we work . I've had NZ web hosts before (10 years ago) and peak times were real bad, especially if something big happens and everyone jumps online to see what it is. Doesn't matter where it's hosted, could be next door or other side of the world it still has the same steps to view the data

mattnzw, Aug 14, 4:27am
You are talking about the actual server load, on an overloaded server. If a server is slow during the day, that means it is overloaded with accounts, which is the problem with cheap hosting. US hosts often do their maintenance and backups during NZ peak times, so you get slow loading and more of the planned downtime during those periods when NZers need the sites to be up. NZ hosts will schedule downtime for the early hours of the morning in NZ. US hosting is further away, so ping and response times are longer.

munchnz, Aug 14, 4:45am
If you have NZ host it will take same time to load with a host in US. You mentioned business site so we'll go with that. A business site will be running google analytics at a minimum, which is hosted in US and other places. You can ping a host all you want but it wont give you the loading time of a website. Tracking, ads, 3rd party scripts . they all have to load from somewhere else. You wouldn't even know where half the stuff is actually hosted from.
SO from what you have said you wouldn't bother using google search (.com) as it would be to busy and load laden ?

newbie5, Aug 14, 4:56am
I use Arvixe.com they start at $4.95 for the basic and go up from there. they will have what you want. If you put their ad on your website you will get a $10 discount off the monthly price

newbie5, Aug 14, 5:02am
I have always used overseas hosting . hostgator, etc currently hosting some sites with Arvixe and have no loading or downtime problems and never have and the most I have ever paid is $9.95 mth US which is about $12 NZ Never had a problem with support either.
If you load your sites up with lots of graphics it wont matter who you host with they will be slow loading.
I use Namecheap for domains

flower-child01, Aug 14, 7:08am
I have decided to go with Aus hosting,

flower-child01, Feb 19, 9:21am
Heck no, I registered/signed up for a new webhosting account.

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