Windows 10 - NVIDIA graphic card drivers

If you running Windows 10 and have problems with the older NVIDIA graphic card drivers.
Check the the NVIDIA drivers web pages , if your Windows 10 update is there. Fixted my "Quadro K600" graphic card this morning.

geek_1blizzy, Aug 2, 7:48 am

Nvidia boss tried to get Microsoft to change the windows update so drivers like theirs could be classed as optional and the user informed first and let him decide to or go elsewhere for it.

geek_wayne416, Aug 2, 9:11 am

I have Windows 7 and went to install W 10. Got an error saying Nividia Graphics Driver was not compatible.
Nividia site had a update for people migrating to W10.
When I went to install it, it said it was not compatible with current version of windows. Going round in circles.

geek_linzis, Aug 2, 9:15 am

Yeah , Windows 10 is harder than Microsoft
try's to tell us. After 3 days ,works pretty good for me, but can't stand the new UI, to much work to find your programs.
Bought from Stardock , "Start10 " and got now my Windows 7 UI back. Cheers

geek_1blizzy, Aug 2, 9:37 am

I kept getting bsod until I updated the video drivers

geek_wotz_it_2_ya, Aug 2, 9:45 am

geek_wayne416, Apr 11, 3:28 am

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