Help with installing Printer Drivers`

misty341, Jul 1, 8:23am
Have just purchased a new Printer - canon Pixma MX726 Multi Printer. When trying to download the Printer Drivers from a CD I keep getting the message " MP drivers could not be installed". Any help would be appreciated-I have turnoff the firewalls but still no luck. Thanks

king1, Jul 1, 8:36am
I would probably suggest trying to download the updated drivers off the canon website

Select your OS on the left and download the mini-master

misty341, Jul 2, 6:48am
Tks for that king1 - tried this but still no success. Any other ideas please?

nice_lady, Jul 2, 6:56am
so, after trying that idea what do you mean - exactly - by 'still no success'.?
and what version of windows are you running ? and are you trying to install the drivers with the printer plugged in because you should leave it unplugged until the install process tells you to plug it in.

misty341, Jul 2, 7:06am
Running Windows 7- no the printer is not plugged in. Its just says "MP Drivers could not be installed"

gyrogearloose, Jul 2, 7:42am
Try using File Explorer to locate the setup.exe file on the CD, then right click and choose 'Run as Administrator'

misty341, Jul 3, 7:48am
Tks for idea, but still does not work!

r.g.nixon, Jul 3, 7:51am
Maybe you have chosen the wrong download. It has to match your operating system.

r.g.nixon, Jun 26, 5:27pm
32-bit or 64-bit. It makes a difference.

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