Htc desire 816 lost wifi network recognition

nternet connection was lost when the weather was bad the other day. After the connection ca.e back, both the desktop and another mobile (HTC mini) were able to access the internet like normal. BUT, the desire 816 didn't. When scanning it didn't pick up the router and I tried adding the network manually and that didn't work either. Ended up resetting the phone (and lost files), restart the modem and router. Nothing worked. Can any o e help please? Thanks.

geek_dreamsandhope, Jun 16, 8:03 pm

Can you setup another phone to see if you can pick up the wifi hotspot?

geek_rz_zone, Jun 16, 8:47 pm

My other phone works fine. This one used to work fine too until this time round.

geek_dreamsandhope, Jun 16, 8:49 pm

Just trying to see if its the phone or modem is playing up, hence to hotspot another phone to see if it can pick up the wifi.

geek_rz_zone, Aug 14, 11:29 am

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