Itunes, on iphone

i have iTunes on my iPhone. Every time i open iTunes, i get a message, telling me to sign in to iTunes Store, please enter apple Id etc.
It`s bloody annoying, i have searched settings,etc and just cannot find how to stop it . Anyone have any idea how to ?

geek_bashfulbro, Aug 2, 2:31 pm

Sign into iTunes?

geek_remmers, Aug 2, 3:42 pm

Quite simple really.

geek_hollyhock, Aug 2, 9:22 pm

i don`t want to be signed in to the store , i just want to listen to music, that is on my phone.
This is something new, it has only started doing it since the last sync.
I have iTunes on my computer as well, that doesn`t do it.

geek_bashfulbro, Aug 3, 9:51 am

Doesnt do it on my iphone and all my updates are done

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 3, 12:43 pm

I think that when you update it always asks you to enter your Apple ID, maybe a security step.

geek_remmers, Apr 5, 3:21 pm

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