Spark's Fibre Box ONT Box

sneakers23, Apr 14, 9:05am
Can any one tell me how big the box inside your house the ONT is for fibre that chorus put in, The one the modem plugs into

r.g.nixon, Apr 14, 9:47am
Googled: chorus ont box mm site:nz

Second hit preview: The dimensions of the ONT unit are 180mm x 120mm x 50mm

cookee_nz, Apr 14, 7:42pm
any particular reason for asking?, (appearance, space to locate it etc)

r.g.nixon, Apr 14, 7:55pm
Oh, and it belongs to Chorus, not Spark.

pandai, Feb 19, 2:28am
180mm x 120mm x 50mm

It will need to be near a power outlet as well.

edit. And in an area with some ventilation, and not where it could cause a fire i.e. behind the curtains.

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