Windows 10 and Miracast to Sony Bravia Smart TV

gymboy, Aug 1, 5:26am
Downloaded and installed Windows 10 and now it won't connect to my Sony Bravia Smart TV. I've tried, uninstalling PC from my TV settings and connected devices on my laptop. When trying to add devices on my laptop, it installs, but wont finish connecting to my TV and I get an error message on TV. I have even updated the network adapter driver on the laptop. Even restarting laptop and TV and repeating the install, but wont work. Maybe have to wait for Sony for a TV update? Any ideas would be much appreciated. Otherwise, it's back to an HDMI cable.

gymboy, Aug 1, 5:40am
Add a Device
I choose "Bravia KDL-46W700A"


Tv want to connect
I choose - Yes
Preparing screen mirroring . Please wait .

Laptop: Connecting to Bravia KDL-46W700A
follow instructions on tv

Preparing screen mirroring . Please wait .

Bravia KDL-46W700A

Other Devices:(Laptop)
Generic Non-PnP Monitor

I wait and then TV: Device connection failed

That didn't work.
Try adding Bravia KDL-46W700A again or check with the manufacturer for additional setup instructions.

chnman, Aug 1, 6:42am
Not sure if this is of use. just remember seeing it earlier today.

gymboy, Apr 12, 2:53pm
Thanks. That's what I thought. Should have waited a few months, before installing. However,I thought it would have the basics sorted. Windows 10 has a slow start up too, even with a SSD in my laptop.

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