Acer B1-A71 Tablet & Storage Drama Please help

angelzw, May 14, 9:19am
Have an Acer Tablet with internal storage of 1GB which is almost full (please note) plus it shows an Internal SD of 5.12GB and have added a 16GB SD card for added storage. Here lies the problem. Have loaded a few apps ie Chrome, banking etc and now when I try to run the updates it gives an error saying storage is full! Yet Internal SD shows 5.12GB available and added SD card shows 14.81GB free. PLEASE NOTE I do not have the option to move added apps to external storage, there is no option to do so AND there is NO option to change default storage to external SD of any other - no option. How can I get around this message as it appears there is plenty of available space on internal SD as well as the added 16GB SD. Can anyone explain? Any assistance would be MUCH appreciated. TIA.

angelzw, May 14, 9:23am
Added to say already reset to factory settings. No change.

vtecintegra, May 14, 10:48am
Nothing much can be done - this is just a quirk of low end Android

About all you can do is go into the apps screen and choose 'uninstall updates' for each of the stock apps you don't want to use - this will free up some space. Once you have uninstalled the updates you can choose 'Disable' to stop getting prompted to update again. Also Chrome isn't really appropriate for such a slow device and takes up a lot of space so you may as well go ahead an uninstall that.

angelzw, May 14, 7:44pm
Thanks. So is there any point in adding SD cards etc and what exactly is the point of an internal SD if apps etc are not stored on it. I mean a 1GB internal memory is simply pointless really.

nice_lady, May 14, 8:17pm
According to this page you device has 8gb internal storage

Have you gone into settings, storage to see how much it lists as free?

nice_lady, May 14, 8:19pm
Also what version of android does it run?

vtecintegra, May 14, 8:20pm
SD cards are meant for storing stuff like photos, videos and music not your actual apps. As for internal storage older Android devices had it partitioned - part of it is for the OS and manufacturer apps, part for cache and the remainder for user installed apps.

And yes 1gb is far too small for modern apps - ran into exactly the same problem with a cheap Huawei phone recently.

_drdee_, Nov 22, 9:31pm
The only other way around is to gain root access so you can install either third party software that forces the ability to shift apps to the external SD or a custom ROM with that feature built in (and is generally cut down to make it a bit snappier as well). If it is possible the information will be on XDA forums. Note: there are very slight risks to performing these actions that can brick the device (make it inoperable) but if you follow instructions precisely it is near impossible to do any harm.

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