Photoshop skills/websites needed please

nade93, Feb 10, 12:45am
Hi There,

I am wanting to remove the back ground of a picture and insert a grassy background. The picture is of my dogs and the background is a pig sty so just wanting to make it look like they are sitting on grass or something similar.

Can anyone recommend a good website I can do it myself?


mikep, Feb 10, 4:06am

suicidemonkey, Feb 10, 4:26am
It's possible but don't expect to just be able to do it straight off the bat. It can take years of practice to master complex background removal.

GIMP or Photoshop are the best bets. GIMP is free.

nade93, Feb 11, 12:10am
No need to be petty and sarcastic. I have of course Googled but did not find a site that could help me. Sorry, my mistake hoping someone might want to help me. Wont ask again as it seems you only get shot down.

doggitt, Feb 11, 12:17am
I'm not sure a site can help you with this as such.
You need editing software and the skills to use it.
I don't know of any website than can just replace backgrounds of photos with ease.

nzdoug, Feb 11, 12:29am
heaps of Photoshop tutorials on youtube.

mikep, Feb 11, 12:39am
Oh for goodness sake, all you had to do was say you'd Googled in the beginning. I was just assuming you hadn't (because you didn't say) and that search came up with a lot of options.

If you ask for help, appreciate whatever you get. I really don't see any pettiness or sarcasm in my (admittedly puny) effort to point you in a direction you had already tried.

tiki-turtle, Feb 11, 4:32am
Hiya - when i first started Photoshopping i used the adobe online Photoshop - found it to be quite good for beginners :-)

nosmada, Aug 14, 4:00pm
How did you get on?

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